My Story Part Twelve: My time at the swanky hospital, UCSD.

Hey everyone!  We are on our way to Sacramento, California to attend a seminar for TPN patients!  We are so excited to have been invited to come to this event and provide input on some new possible products and to learn more about what’s happening in the TPN world!

Jumping in today where we left off yesterday!

The very next day, I was on my way to my new (shared) room at UCSD!  I had my sassy powers all lined up to get into the first private room available!  When I arrived, my new roommate didn’t even wave back when I was wheeled into the room!  (If you’re up on your TV shows – as Stephanie Tanner from “Full House” always said, “HOW RUDE!”)   Now for the good news – this hospital was swanky as all get out!  It felt like a nice hotel. It had wood floors, big palm trees in the lobby, built-ins for the TV and cute little drawers for my clothes and stuff!  And even better, before I had spent a full night, my nurse came in to tell me that my private room was ready!  Oh thank heaven for diligent nurses.

My Story Part Twelve 5
The hospital lobby! So swanky!

After a couple of days with more x-rays, blood sugar and blood pressure drops, my doctor came in and had a sit down with me.  He told me I needed to start back on TPN.  He said they were going to place a PICC line (remember the last time I had a PICC and didn’t use my arm for the entire week of having it? Yeah, that kind) and get me to a baseline of health with the help of TPN.  I told him I did not want to lead them to believe that I was going to continue on TPN and I wanted answers to how I was going to get better.  But at this point, I did agree that TPN was the safest option.

While I was getting mentally prepared for the PICC line placement (I thought I would have at least a full day to do this since hospital time usually makes things take seven times longer than you’d expect) someone knocked on my door and came in.  They had the terrible cart with them that means PICC line time.  I hadn’t even had an hour to process this mess!  Get out of here!  But no, it was time.

My first question was what I was going to be given so I didn’t remember the procedure.  I can’t handle vein talk. I can’t deal with people looking around on my arm with a sonogram thing to find the perfect vein.  I just cannot.  I knew I wasn’t going to get through this without some help from some drugs.  After we sorted this all out and I was less anxious, I got my second PICC line placed and they got me started on TPN!

My Story Part Twelve 12
My sweet friend Vicki sent me some adorable PICC line covers that she made! The sweetest.

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