Bra Review: Lively

Hello! Long time no see!

Did you know it’s National Underwear Day!? That’s why I’m here, to share more undies with you, ha! Another bra review coming your way!

Honestly, I’ve been hiding out from this space because I’ve been working on something bigger and better (Shhhh! It’s still a secret!) But I decided to break my silence with another review for you in honor of the big day!

Yikes. The fit on that one. WOOF.

You’ve seen their advertisements all over the dang place, Instagram, Facebook, heck, they’ve probably somehow implanted their gorgeous advertising into your brain somehow.

But I’m here to tell you I’m unfortunately not a fan after the products I tried of theirs. Who am I talking about? You guessed it, Lively, of The ones with the really super Insta-perfect photos, seemingly great quality and promote that they’re able to help all women’s boobies be happy. I was super convinced that their bras were going to be my winner. I was sadly disappointed.

Let’s dive in, shall we? We are going to cover the same points as we have in previous bra reviews here:

  • Ease of purchase.
  • Comfort and fit in general.
  • How they felt in relation to my feeding tube that hits very closely to my bra band.
  • General Quality.
  • Return/exchange process.
  • Overall personal experience with the product.

    I’m wearing the 36C Deep V No-Wire in Light Pink here

Ease of purchase:

It wasn’t difficult to navigate their site, but their language and descriptions of their bras could use a serious update or some extra explaining.

For example, there is a bra called “The No-Wire Push-up,” then another called “The All-Day No-Wire Push-Up.”  They did the exact same thing with other bras. In my multiple attempts to find a difference, all I can find is color difference. The description gives no explanation for what the difference is. This drove me BANANAS when trying to pick what to purchase to try on. I even posted about it in my Instagram story and lots of women laughed along at how ridiculous women’s clothing is.

Other than that, ease of purchase wasn’t too bad. I wish the site was a little more organized and things were explained better so you knew what you were purchasing.

The amazing news is they’re really pretty cheap in comparison to most bras (Every one I looked at is $35.) And they have a really great rewards program where you can rack up points pretty quickly and get some really good deals. They also have a 2 for $60, 3 for $80 deal which is pretty great if you love their products!

Comfort and fit in general:

Honestly, my boobies did not fit into any of these dang bras. But first, let me tell you what I purchased. I did two rounds, the photos in this post are all from round one, the round two photos aren’t here because they will just show the same thing, ha!

First round purchase:

The Deep V No-Wire: 36C in Soft Pink (shown above)

The Mesh Trim Bralette: Large in Soft Pink

The All-Day No-Wire Push-Up: 36C in Toasted Almond

Second round purchase:

The Deep V No-Wire: 34D in Soft Pink (sister size to 36C, might try a 36D soon to just try.)

The Busty Bralette: Size 1 in Soft Pink (the next size available after the Large in the Mesh Trim Bralette.)

The Mesh Trim No-Wire: 34D in Soft Pink

The T-Shirt Bra: 34D in Soft Pink

Here I’m wearing the The Mesh Trim Bralette sized Large in Soft Pink.

I don’t know how to nicely say I hated all of them. But I did. Maybe sizing was a little off, but there are plenty of other things I didn’t love about these bras.

  1. My boobs fell out of them (looking back, mind you this was months ago, I think I could have probably sized up to a 36D. This is what I’ve landed on wearing in everything else after lots of trial and error. But I didn’t like these enough to do another round of returns to FedEx.)
  2. Nearly every single bra this company offers has stitching lines somewhere on the cup of the bra. And I am confused by this on so many levels. Who in the hell wants lines under the shirt? I almost feel like these were designed exclusively to wear not under clothing and just for cuteness, which is totally fine! But I don’t have many friends who walk around in bras like Instagram models do. Sorry, didn’t realize how heated I was about that.
  3. Honestly, I think they’re hella cheaply made.
  4. They bulge in all the wrong places.
  5. The clasp on the back was bulging, and the bra band wasn’t even tight.
  6. I feel super shitty about the way I’m talking about these products, but wowza.

I will say though, the bralette and a couple of the others were really soft material. But that’s really about all I can give them. Oh, and they’re cute not on, like with their cute gold details and such. But like how important is that when it’s under your clothes?

How they felt in relation to my feeding tube:

The ones I picked were all relatively fine when it came to this aspect! Way to go on that one! Ten points for Hufflepuff!

General Quality:

I feel like I’ve already made my opinion heard on this, ha.

And here I am falling out of The All-Day No-Wire Push-Up sized 36C in Toasted Almond. But the sizing isn’t even my least favorite thing, it’s these dang lines going RIGHT through the middle of my boobs.

Return/exchange process:

This was a super easy process. I can’t recall if it was that you had to go online and print the return label, or if it was already in the box (I think it was already in the box ready to go.) And you had to take it to FedEx – it was the only package out of my bra batch that went there. But there were no re-stocking fees or anything like that.


Listen, this was probably not super fun to read through, but I’m just being blatantly honest with my experience with these products. I was super disappointed in quality, shopping experience, and the fit of these. And actually, the first time I heard about Lively was through a positive blog review from another person, so they are good for some people! Maybe my boob shape and size just isn’t a good fit. Cause ya know, everyone has their demographic they’re designing for. This just wasn’t my match. But I am not even mad cause I’ve found several matches! And you can read about them in previous blog posts here!

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2 thoughts on “Bra Review: Lively

  1. Very very poor customer service at Coach Potato. Waited over 6 weeks for bra. I understand things take longer to ship because of Covid however No Email from the company notifying me of the delay in shipping. Also, I requested a refund because of the time delay without a positive response. Lastly, they sent me the wrong bra and refused to send me the bra I ordered. Dawn


    1. Hi Dawn,
      You might want to contact the company themselves! I just wrote a review of my own personal experience with their bras. I’m sorry you didn’t receive good customer service.


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