Bra Review: Negative Underwear

Listen, I’ve been agonizing over posting this review for weeks now. Guess why? It’s a mesh and see-through bra.

It’s got me thinking, do celebrities and models agonize over showing their bodies too? Is it just me? I’m not really sure. But there’s also something really liberating about it, and I’m hopeful will help you feel some body freedom too.

What I’ve done here, is placed photos of me in the bra (with censored stickers) below the “read more” line, so if you are not comfortable seeing those photos, please do not expand this post.

Now, the bra! I freaking love this bra. Truly.negative1

It’s the Sieve Non-Wire Bra in Buff (they have it in Peach and Black as well) from Negative Underwear.

(WARNING! This is the place where you don’t want to click if you don’t want to see this bra on me!)

Honestly, I had very little faith in it working to hold onto what I’ve got, but it does it, and it does it well. All the while being super comfy (hello first wireless bra to ever work well for me!) and pretty dang supportive.negative3

Let’s hit the talking points I’ve been talking on for previous bra posts!

  • Ease of purchase.
  • Comfort and fit in general.
  • How they felt in relation to my feeding tube that hits very closely to my bra band.
  • General Quality.
  • Return/exchange process.
  • Overall personal experience with the product.

Ease of purchase

Honestly, it was super easy. They don’t have a zillion options. though they do use some bra world lingo, that I did message them on Instagram about to understand the difference between a few products. But they were helpful and purchase was easy! Their free shipping doesn’t kick in until you hit $100, but the perk is that shipping is pretty cheap, I believe it was $5.

Comfort and fit

Super easy answer, it fits awesome, and is comfy as all heck. I wear this sucker around the house and forget it is on. I am a very anti-bra at home kind of girl, so this actually means something.

How they felt in relation to my feeding tube that hits very closely to my bra band.

It doesn’t bug my bra band at all honestly. It hits high enough that it doesn’t mess with it, and it’s thin enough that even if it did, I don’t think it would cause a lot of friction or rubbing.negative4

General quality

So far, I think it’s a super nicely made product. Soft, no tags, good nice straps with metal slide bars, in terms of quality it checks all my boxes.

Return/exchange process

I ordered a size 3 initially, and ended up needing a size 4 (it’s in a size 0-4 range for this bra) the bummer was that if I returned it, I got $5 knocked off my card for a re-stocking fee. But since I did an exchange it all worked out. But just a warning that if you do a straight up return, they will keep some dollars for restocking.

Overall experience

It wasn’t as easy as some options, that’s for sure. But I really do love the bra itself. And for more casual looks it’s working really well and looks great under a tee which I’m all about these days!

Some downsides

The downsides to it are that it’s a little pricy, the bra is $55, but if you use this link to order, it will give you and me $20 off! So that’s a hell of a deal. Second, the size range isn’t super inclusive. I’m wearing the size 4, which is the largest available. Here is the sizing chart for this bra in particular:

  • 0 fits bra sizes: 30A, 30B, 30C, 32AA, 32A
  • 1 fits bra sizes: 30C, 32B, 32C, 34A, 34B
  • 2 fits bra sizes: 30DD, 32D, 32DD, 34C
  • 3 fits bra sizes: 34D, 34DD, 36B, 36C
  • 4 fits bra sizes: 36D, 38B, 38C

I have not ordered any of the other options that Negative Underwear offers, so I can’t speak for any of those products, but dang I wish I could!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know if you try any of the bras I’ve written on and how they worked for you! Or if you have any awesome brands you use and love, or have been eyeing one you want a review written on! I’m open to all of these options!

Be sure to use this link to get $20 off of your purchase!

Here are other bra posts if you’re interested in other finds that are good for those of us for feeding tubes and just women in general!

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One thought on “Bra Review: Negative Underwear

  1. Hey! Just checking in to say that I think you are very brave to show your body in order to help other women work through this maze of bras. To help our sisters find good comfort & fit. Especially for those of us who have special needs. 🤜🏼🤛🏼 I’m sure many people, including celebrities, struggle with showing their bodies, especially in this culture where women are 2nd class citizens, but I won’t go Feminism 101 here.

    Keep up the good work! I look forward to reviewing your work here for a great bra with no underwire. The underwire is the tool of the devil in my book. 😉
    I’m very thin & bony, and radiation has damaged my rib cage. So the underwire digs into me, causing unrelenting pain/discomfort. My husband, the champ that he is, buys my bras & removes any underwires. That’s worked well to date. But any advice from you is super welcome! And I’m excited to try out something new.


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