Product Review: Fohm

We are going to take a quick break this week from the bra series and talk about this product that I think is super awesome that helps make the earth a little greener, and your bum a little happier! Meet, Fohm!

Your bum’s new friend that turns everyday toilet paper into a wet wipe!fohm 7

When I was proposed the opportunity to try this product, I was super interested in it because several years ago I somehow found myself watching an episode of a show where they were investigating the sewage system. I remember the man saying something along the lines of, “Yeah, they always label those wipes as ‘flushable,’ but they are not.” And they panned the disaster that was a zillion wet wipes in the sewage system.

I’m going to spare you, and not link to a video, but believe me, you can find enough to make an impact online with a quick search of “wet wipes in the sewage system.” (And if you’re not convinced they’re bad, I dare ya to go check it out.) It’s real gross, you guys. And not only is it gross, it’s not good for the environment or your own plumbing system at all. Those little boogers do not break down, and when they do they turn into micro-plastics and are then ingested by our friends who live in the ocean.

So basically, my heart breaks every single time I use a wet wipe. So I just don’t very often at all. But let’s be honest, those of us with chronic GI issues love a wet wipe moment. They’re helpful in times of need. So it’s been a rough road.

But my friend Fohm Co came to save the day!Fohm 1

I received my Fohm in a beautiful package that was filled with those cute little white squiggle papers (a technical term.) I love that the brand uses lots of white in their branding, because it just looks so fresh and so clean, clean!

Once I got into the box, I noticed the cutest little instruction card. They use funny terms and one of their little mottos is, “A flushable wipe that isn’t full of sh**.” And I love that kind of thing to be completely honest. And you know what else I love? It’s a product that’s made in the USA! fohm

Here’s how Fohm works:

  1. With the USB charger provided, you charge the little pump that is a beautifully and elegantly designed by the way (which always makes a huge impression on me personally, cause if it ain’t pretty, I’m not going to want it out!)
  2. Twist off the top of the dispenser, pour in some of the solution (a paraben-free, pH balanced, and fragrance-free version of what you find in most wipes, but it’s cool cause it doesn’t make you smell like a baby which I’m about.)
  3. Twist the top back on.
  4. Press the power button located on the top.
  5. Fold up your toilet paper, place it under the spout, and it’ll dispense automatically!fohm 6

Pretty dang fun, I’ll say! Way more fun than opening a package of wipes and making sure they’re sealed air tight every time so they don’t dry out, right?

Another cool thing is they have a subscription service so that you won’t forget to re-order your Fohm solution!

Honestly, for lots of years I’ve not used wipes when I really wanted to because of that crazy day I learned what they did to the environment. But now that I have my Fohm, I use it super frequently without any guilt of hurting any ocean babes or making people who work in the sewage world really mad at me.

I’m so grateful to have had this experience, and want to give a huge shoutout to Fohm for letting me share my experience with their product. fohm 8

I’m more than happy to ask answer any more questions about my experience with the product, but they’d probably be way better at answering product specific questions. So head over to their website where they have a little chat option where you can ask one of the founders any questions you may have!

Also a huge shoutout to my pal Sam who let me use her adorable bathroom for these photos. I love having friends with cute bathrooms!

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Fohm

  1. I have had no luck with this product,called company and they sent me another pump but,no luck with that one.It does not charge so it’s not able to dispense the foam. Great idea but, needs work.


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