Bra Stories: Aerie

Welcome back for week two of the bra stories series, where I’m sharing what I learned and thought about several bra companies bras when I tested them out over the past couple of months!

I’ll talk about several things:

  • Ease of purchase.
  • Comfort and fit in general.
  • How they felt in relation to my feeding tube that hits very closely to my bra band.
  • General Quality.
  • Return/exchange process.
  • Overall personal experience with the product.

This week, let’s talk about Aerie, the lingerie store that is owned by American Eagle Outfitters. They’re often praised for their use of unedited photos, and using nontraditional models, which is amazing and I love those things about this company!

I had lots of hope for these being some real winners (honestly I felt that with each brand, because I truly feel they’re doing good work.) But in reality, it didn’t pan out so awesome for me with the ones I tried. Let’s dive in!

I tried on three different wireless styles:

  1. The Real Sunnie Wireless Push Up Bra – in two sizesbrareview-6
  2. The Real Happy Wireless Lightly Lined Brabrareview-9
  3. The Real Sunnie Wireless Lightly Lined Brabrareview-12

I didn’t feel very differently about any of these bras, so I’m going to talk about them collectively.

Ease of purchase:

I first want to say, they were the first I purchased on the night of the initial bra extravaganza, because honestly this brand was the first that came to my mind.

But I will say, the website totally overwhelmed me. The names like “Sunni” and “Happy” for bras confuses the heck out of me. I just want to know what I’m looking at, and I don’t want to scroll through a thousand color and plain vs. lace options of the same bra. I get that we all want different things, and I have to appreciate that they deliver in that area, but dang. It is just a little too much for me to be completely honest.

And to tag onto that, while I didn’t love anything I purchased, and sent them all back, I would love to try some of their other options. I only purchased wireless options because I figured they would be best for those of us with tubes. But honestly, just the thought of scrolling through the zillion options exhausts me, and I may or may never do that in the future! Who knows!

I have recently found while looking around their website that they have four lines with four distinct features, I’ll share them with you here!

  1. Real Happy Collection – All the right options at all the right prices. Now that’s happiness!
  2. Real Sunnie collection –Real Soft®, real stretchy & real supportive. Your #1 t-shirt bra for a reason! 
  3. Real Me Collection – Second-skin bras that feel like the real you. Made to move with you, shape to you, feel like you. 
  4. Real Power Collection – You’re the real superhero. Add some POW with extra-special bras that kick it up a notch. 

I think it would have been a little more helpful to have these guidelines while shopping, but eh, I dunno.

General Quality:

So delivery was very timely! And this was the first package I opened. Don’t get too excited, it wasn’t like a cutesy package moment like a lot of these brands had, it was just a black mailer with plastic bags with the bras inside. But that isn’t a deal breaker for me for sure!

I was excited about the colors as I opened them. I tried them on and didn’t love how any of them fit (more on that later.) But then, I opened up Harper Wilde’s box directly after, and was amazed at how much better their bras felt in my hands in terms of quality.

I don’t know enough about fabrics and quality of fabrics to dive all into that, but just holding one in one hand and the other in the other hand, I could tell a difference in quality.

Comfort and fit:

I feel like these bras COULD be comfortable for some people. But they were not for me. I didn’t feel supported at all. And maybe that was a sizing issue, I’m not sure. But after not being impressed with the quality of them, I didn’t want to waste time in re-ordering more in a different size (I did that enough with multiple brands!) I did try the wireless push up bra in both my typical size, and my sister size, and saw not much difference.

They are light and “airy” though (ha! see what I did there?)

But they didn’t lay against my skin nicely, I even had my friend take a photo of the side of this bra that was just bulging out on the side. I have no idea what this ones deal was. brareview-10

The comfort level in regards to my g-tube was seemingly fine. I didn’t wear any of these long term, so I can’t say from an all day perspective. Here is a front view of the the Sunnie Lightly Lined Bra to show where it hits. brareview-13

This bra is also an over the head bra with no clasp on the back. Which you may love! brareview-11

Price point:

Aerie is kind of like Hobby Lobby, they’re always running a sale! And I’m not sure if they price their bras knowing they’re always going to be on sale or not. But the original prices seem pretty steep for me after getting my hands on these bras.

I see the range of original prices ranging from $34.95-$59.95. But they’re on sale for anything down to $15 (the mustard yellow bra pictured here was on sale from $39.95 to $15.)

Return/exchange process:

Returns are SUPER easy, especially with this being a huge brand. You can either send them back with free shipping, or you can return them to your local Aerie or American Eagle Outfitters.


Overall, I’m bummed these didn’t work out. They were all super cute off of me, and I thought had lots of potential. But they just didn’t have enough structure or shape to give me the look I look for in a bra. They didn’t make me feel secure, and if I’m going to wear something tight around my ribs for any extended amount of time, I want it to do a good job.

Maybe one day I will give some of their underwire bras a chance to see if they do anything for me. But for now, I’m very happy with what I’ve found elsewhere!

I hope Aerie keeps doing the good work that they’re doing to make bras for lots of women, because I know lots of ladies love them! We’ve all got different shapes and sizes and needs and wants, and nothing is going to work perfectly for everyone! Give them a shot if you want to see how they work for you! They’re super easy with returns and there’s no harm in trying!

Be sure to check out my last post about Harper Wilde’s bras here! And stay tuned for another post in the next couple weeks!

All photos by the amazing Claudia of Claudia Young Creative!



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