Bra Stories: Harper Wilde

Hi all!

I’ve been working super hard on this bra project to share with you all. A few months back, I asked on an Instagram story if lots of others with feeding tubes had struggles finding bras that sat high enough that it didn’t hurt the tube.

I took the opportunity to buy bras from lots and lots of companies to purchase the bras I found that I thought would work best for my tube situation, and hopefully others! I also will be sharing a general review of the bras for those without feeding tubes as well!

I’m typically a save the best for last type of lady, but this isn’t Skittles, so I’m jumping in with my top pick first! Because isn’t that what we all need anyway?! So to start us off, we are going to be chatting about Harper Wilde!

harper wilde3
Photo by the lovely Claudia Young

One of my favorite things is that they are pretty much the “Warby Parker of bras.” What does that mean? It means try ons with no financial commitment! Which is what I’m all about when it comes to bras.

Here’s how the process works straight from the source!home try on

It’s truly just as easy as these three steps. “Bra shopping, without the b.s.” is their motto after all!

And I know you’re all wondering, “Okay, so let’s say I love one of the bras, are they a zillion dollars?” NOPE! They are $40. No b.s.

Harper Wilde currently offers three style options, and each comes in four color options. Which I LOVE. One of the hardest parts of this bra shopping extravaganza was the incredibly overwhelming amount of styles (that I honestly didn’t even understand the names of) and colors that I never wear. I’m a basic gal, so this set up is right up my alley.

The styles are:

  • The Base – an everyday lightly lined underwire bra
  • The Boost – an everyday pushup underwire bra
  • The Flex – an everyday wireless underwire bra
  • They randomly offer a fun featured bra, currently they have one they launched for International Women’s Day! It’s a beautiful dark purple 🙂

When I ordered my home try-on, I decided to figure out my Harper Wilde specific size (gurrrrlll brands truly fit differently, so don’t be afraid to experiment!) so I ordered three different sizes in The Base (using sister sizing and whatnot, not just random sizes!)

They also offer bra bundles! So if you find your soulmate in Harper Wilde bras, you can purchase a bundle of bras and save some serious dough!

When my box arrived (it didn’t look like this, bear with me, there were three beige Base bras in the box ;)) It was nicely packaged and had a cute little thank you note and a card that helped me decide which bra fit best. I packed up the two that didn’t work as well, and slipped my new Harper Wilde right into my top drawer!harper wilde 5

Know what else? They even recycle your unwanted bras! You can find your new fave, and swap it out for one you never grab out of your drawer and know that it will be safely recycled. I have three bras that I have never loved heading off to be recycled, and it makes me so happy. harper wilde 6

Wowzer, I am really giving you the full experience! But I think that’s important, and I hope you’re enjoying seeing how the process truly works! Now let’s talk about the bras themselves! And the fit!

Here’s what Harper Wilde has described their bras, and I’m going to use these as talking points cause they nailed it! image-with-text--the-base

  1. Brilliant, front-adjustable straps, duh! It seems that this is the way things are trending (thankfully) because who the heck wants to be some kind of contortionist to adjust their bra straps? No one, that is who.
  2. I’m personally not a huge fan of racerback, mostly because I have a lot of pressure in my torso and I feel like it adds to it. BUT I have had a couple of messages about people looking specifically for bras that do this to help the straps avoid their central lines that are closer to their armpit. So for you babes, this is an awesome feature for you!
  3. This is the first thing I noticed as I pulled them out of the box. I actually tried another brand right before trying these and noticed a HUGE difference (not to break your heart, but it was Aerie who I tried right before, whoops!) They are so incredibly soft.
  4. The X-bridge! This is what makes this an excellent bra for my feeding tube! My tube sits very high up, and pretty centered. This is typically the part of a bra that comes down super far and hits and rubs my stoma and hurts like heck. This is my favorite part (RIGHT before the softness and affordable quality) of these bras. And honestly, this is the only one I’ve found that has this type of bridge. And it is also great for packing, which is always a perk because packing bras sucks!
  5. I fortunately don’t deal with lots of bulge with my back, but the seamless looking back is for sure something I’ve noticed! And the microfiber fabric is phenomenal and soft and everything lovely!

I’d like to add to this list that they are made to be washed in a washer! Because who has time to hand wash their bras? No one, that is who.

harper wilde 2
Check out how far away from my tube that band is!

They are doing everything they can to be as inclusive as possible. It takes time for startups to build up their size range, so if you don’t see your size, they’re working on it! They are also always working on offering what women are looking for!

They’re also looking out for women and #liftinguptheladies in other ways other than just their boobies! They parter with The Girl Project who help girls gain access to the education they deserve! Harper Wilde is also looking out for women in their production, they work with a factory they have personally visited for a full week to make sure it was a good fit! The factory where Harper Wilde bras are made are providing the women working with life skills, career advancement, and empowering them all around!

They have tips and tricks on their site, they have helpful hints on how to measure, and they’re super responsive on Instagram if you want to drop them a message there! They’ve got you girlfriend! Let me know if you decide to jump on the Harper Wilde train and do a home try on! Would love to hear your thoughts!




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