Tubie Pad Feature: Dorky Little Etsy Store

Hello! Long time no talk about Tubie Pads! I’m so sorry about the delay on those features. Today we will be talking about Dorky Little Etsy Store’s tubies!

Just as a reminder, here’s a breakdown of what I’ll be sharing!

  • My personal thoughts on the maker’s Tubie Pads.
  • A bit of the maker’s story.
  • The materials they use and special features that sets each of them apart to help you find the right fit for you.
  • Lots of photos to hopefully help you get a full picture of what you are purchasing (on a human, front, back, etc.)
  • Price and where to find the Tubie Pads.
  • Lots of other nuggets of info depending on what each maker chooses to share!

This week I’ll be sharing and will be hearing from, Mistie of Washington state, who started Dorky Little Etsy Store! She sent me some super cute tubies in lots of cute patterns (on front AND back!) untitled shoot0690Web

My Thoughts

I have really enjoyed these tubies! They are made with so much love and care, and with the main intention of helping people in the feeding tube community, which I absolutely adore. Mistie acknowledges the struggle of those of us on a disability fixed income, because she too deals with living on a fixed income. So she makes them with that in mind and prices them accordingly as well.

They launder nicely because they are cotton and very durable in the wash (in a laundry bag of course!)

These would be a go to if I was not having a lot of drainage, they don’t seem to absorb as much as some of the others that are a bit thicker. But there are definitely days when I do not need a thicker tubie!

They’re simple, sweet, well made, and I absolutely love that there is a patterned backing, I love details like that! untitled shoot0815WebMistie also makes larger sized tubies, tubies with velcro instead of snaps for those who struggle with dexterity, and tubies with no closure if that works best for you! Love that she offers all of these customizable options.

She also makes tubie clips and syringe rolls for when you need to take medications in syringes on the go! This is the adorable set she made me, all coordinating and adorable!tubie roll and padstubie roll


Let’s jump on in and hear from the star of the Dorky Little Etsy Store show, Mistie!

MistieWhat pushed you to get your start in making tubie pads?

“💕💕I have Myasthenia Gravis – a rare neuromuscular disease. It’s auto-immune … the description I give to little ones who might not understand (and some adults 😏) is … I am literally allergic to exercise. ANY muscle you can think of to move/use – I lose function of. Those include muscles used to see, chew, swallow and breathe.  The more I use a muscle – the weaker it gets.  If I get overexerted in general, get too warm or cold, have extreme anxiety/stress/adrenaline – the more my wonky immune system floods my system with the bad antibodies that target the message from brain-to-muscle, as well as the receptors at the neuromuscular junction.
So – when I started going to local support group meetings, I met two little MG friends. Pediatric MG friends who needed feeding tubes. One mom – showed me a tubie, told me how much she paid for them and how hard it was as a single mom of a medically fragile child. So … I learned how to make them.”

If different from above, why do you make tubie pads for the tubie community?

“💕💕I enjoy helping others. I make very little profit on tubies. I have to cover my supplies, I am disabled and have a fixed income with substantial medical expenses. So, I understand that struggle, and do what I can to make it easier. Just a tiny bit easier.”

untitled shoot0820Web
An example of a Velcro closure available through Dorky Little Etsy Store!

What materials do you choose to make your tubie pads with? Any specific reasons for why you choose the ones that you do?

“💕💕I started from the example that I received from a mom who had been using them for years. I always use two layers of 100%cotton flannel for the backing and the lining layer. (Soft and absorbent). I use either a 100% cotton flannel -or – 100% cotton prints on the front. No synthetic materials.”

What is your favorite feature of your tubie pads specifically? What makes you stand apart?

“💕💕 I think price. I work hard to offer a large assortments so there is something for everyone. I sew them to the very best of my ability – and get great feedback on quality. I offer them for prices well below many sellers. I’m not in this to make a large profit. I want to be able to help others in a small way.”

untitled shoot0693Web
Larger sized tubie option available with snaps, Velcro, or with no closure!

What is the best way to order pads from you?

“From my Etsy shop.”

You can also find Dorky Little Etsy Store on Instagram!

How much are your tubie pads, and how are they sold (individually priced, sets, etc.)

“💕💕 I sell them in sets.
Small/standard size : 3 for $2.55  $ / 4 for $3.30 there are a few larger sets as well.
I also offer a larger size: 3 for $3.30 / 4 for $4.30”untitled shoot0683Web

Just like it’s fun to see an artist’s process, it would be so fun to see how your pads are created!


I am so glad I got the chance to test these tubie pads out! And it’s such an honor to be able to share my thoughts with you on them. I think they are an excellent choice for a very affordable, sweet, simple, and fun tubie pad! Head over to Mistie’s Etsy Shop and find your new favorite tubies!

Thanks so much for all you do for our community, Mistie!

I’ve reviewed a couple other tubie pads available, you can check them out here!

Tubie Pad Feature : Turkey Tot Customs

Tubie Pad Feature: Bella Madalyn


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