Feeding Tube Awareness Week Feature-Rose+Sam+Ansley

Welcome back! Let’s dive right back in with day two of Feeding Tube Awareness week with my friend Rose! You can find her on Instagram @my.eds!14

Q: What diagnosis that led you to needing a feeding tube?

A: Gastoparesis, ntestinal dysmotility, MALS

Q: How long have you had your tubes?

A: Six months.

Q: What type of tube do you have?

A: An NJ tube and an NG tube.

Q: What would you love to share with someone new to tube feeding?

A: If tube feeds work for you it can be a complete life changer! It seems scary but if it can drastically improve your life try to be open to it. Continue reading “Feeding Tube Awareness Week Feature-Rose+Sam+Ansley”

Feeding Tube Awareness Week Feature-Liz+Lauren+Cat

Welcome to Feeding Tube Awareness Week-Pretty Couch Potato Style! Over the course of this week, I’ll be sharing fifteen of my tubie friends’ stories.

The range stories are all very different from each person. Some have been on tube feeds for nearly their entire lives, some just started on tube feeds, and some don’t even use their feeding tubes for feeding (HAYYYY, das me!)

Let’s start here with my friend Liz! You can find her on Instagram @liz_81712!1

Q: What diagnosis led to you needing a feeding tube?

A: The underlying diagnosis that caused me to require tube feeding is mitochondrial disease.

Q: How many years have you had a tube or been on tube feeds?

A: I have relied on tube feeds as 100% of my nutrition for 19 years now, since I was 18 months old. Anything I’ve been able to have orally has merely been for pleasure. Continue reading “Feeding Tube Awareness Week Feature-Liz+Lauren+Cat”