Hair Chop

Hair may seem like a bit of a weird thing to talk about on here.  But when it comes to nutrition and overall health, hair can give us lots of signs as to how we are doing.

The moment I realized this was when I was at a mall with my mom one day several years ago when I wasn’t doing super well health-wise.  We were walking by an Aveda, and they happened to have a sign promoting a new product that was supposed to help with thinning hair.

My mom stopped and asked if I wanted to go in and see what that was all about and see if it could help me and my hair.

“What do you mean?” I asked her completely confused about what she was talking about.  I’d never noticed there was anything going on with my hair.  But sure enough, we went into Aveda and the woman started looking at my hair and held a mirror up to the back of my head for me to see some serious thinning going on.

I will note, thinning hair can mean many different things.  Sometimes it’s just in your genes.  But in my case, it was brought on by being malnourished and pretty dang ill.


I was devastated and thought this was what it was going to be forever.  I ended up getting a pixie cut to help it not be as visible and wore my hair very short for several years.  I also wore lots of scarves to try to cover it up even more.

About two years ago, my hair started to finally fill more full and was actually growing in length as well.  This was huge for me!  And once that started, I made no plans to ever cut it again (outside of trims to keep it in shape) because why would I?! I could grow hair!


So these last two years I’ve been growing it and growing it.  While I’ve loved it being long, it’s not really been a “me” look.  But I’ve had a voice in my head telling me to keep growing it because I can and I have been using it as a reminder to myself that I’m doing pretty dang well right now.

Thanks to Michael Drager for taking this photo to remember my long hair by!

Then yesterday arrived, and I had a scheduled hair appointment with my friend Hailey.  I had intentions of just getting my self-induced-jacked-up bangs fixed up and my hair trimmed a little bit.

But something happened when I got into that chair.  I let that little voice telling me that my hair was the only sign I have telling me I’m doing well, go.  I told that voice that yes, hair is a huge sign that my body is doing a good job.  But there are so many other markers that are also showing me the same thing.  I gave myself the freedom to get myself a more “me” haircut, and told Hailey to go for it!

So I got a pretty hefty chop, and I am absolutely loving it and feeling so much more like myself!  Sometimes we hold onto things that we feel are giving us something, but they might be holding us back.  I know hair sounds like a little tiny thing in the grand scheme of things, but this was huge and I’m so thankful for the story of health my hair tells, even when it’s shorter!

4 thoughts on “Hair Chop

  1. I love this. I have wavy hair which to me is easier as I’ve been in a lot of pain lately but I miss my shorter hair. And like your long hair is a reminder of what you can do mine is a reminder of all that I can’t. I hope my next pain I he took eorjs and then off comes the hair and I may finally go a crazy color. All things in their time. ❤️

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    1. I’ve absolutely been in those places where my hair was a reminder of all I couldn’t do. And they’re so painful. I think a crazy color would be fabulous! And I love your wavy hair! You’re so right, all things in their time. 💜


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