Big News!

Hi everyone!  Long time no see!  Things have been wild in my world, good but wild.  I hope you all are doing well!

I’ve been so excited to share lots of exciting news that’s been happening in the Ethridge house!  May was a huge month for us, I’m having a hard time keeping track of it all.  But here we go!

untitled shoot4571Web

You guys, I got a job!

untitled shoot4627Web

A job that I am so dang passionate about, I could explode.  A job that will allow me to use my experience and knowledge I’ve gained over the years as a TPN patient.  A job that is from the comfort of my own home, and just enough hours that I know my body will be able to handle it.  Basically, a perfect job in my eyes.

I’m going to be working as a Consumer Marketing Advocate for my infusion company, ThriveRx.  This company has changed my life significantly for the better.  They are huge advocates for independence and living life to the fullest while on TPN.  And they are always working to better the lives of their patients.  I’m beyond excited to get to join this team of amazing humans!

The last time I had a real job was about four years ago.  My body was so weak for so many years, and I’m so thrilled that it’s working at a level at this point in my life that I feel so ready for this change of pace in my day to day life.  Also, my new “work clothes” make me feel super fierce and confident, which is always super fun!

untitled shoot4737Web

You wouldn’t even believe it!  But the day right after I got my phone call with the job offer, Anthony got his call that he had made it into the Physical Therapy Assistant program that he’s been working towards!

And guess what?!  We both get to start our new adventures on Monday!

Those are the two top most exciting things that happened in May, but there is even more fun news to share!

A friend of mine asked if I would be up for going to Dallas to be a second photographer at a wedding at the end of April.  My stomach was in total knots because I was so stressed about the whole experience.  I went into it believing whole heartedly that wedding photography was not going to be my jam.  Guess who had so much dang fun and ended up being asked out of the blue to photograph a May wedding in the Dallas area?

Yeah, this girl.  And guess who said heck yes?  Yeah, this girl again!  So now my horizons are a little broader, and I’m starting to feel comfortable enough to work with small weddings and capture their day and have a heck of a lot of fun while I’m doing it.

Byley Wedding01678Web

I also found out that I was chosen to be a “book” in an amazing event at the Fayetteville Public Library called The Human Library.  Essentially it’s a several hour long event where they pick several humans to act as books.  People are able to come and “check out” books they’d like to hear stories from.  My title, which you might have already guessed, is “Sometimes It’s Okay to be a Pretty Couch Potato.”  I’ll be sharing my life story to build connection with others with similar chronic illnesses, and working to educate and encourage empathy from those who may not be familiar with what it’s like to live with chronic illness.

untitled shoot4713Web

I am so pumped about this event!  I think it’s an amazing idea and I can’t wait to see it come to fruition in September.  If you are interested in more details about The Human Library, check out their website here!  If you’re interested in more details about the specific Fayetteville event being held on September 8th, check out this website!

Elway had his fifth birthday and party with puppy friends on April 30th!

Elway is five02288Web

I also got my wisdom teeth pulled right out of my head in the midst of all this excitement!  I put it off for SO long, but it was time.  I’m so stinking excited that I never EVER have to do that again.  It was definitely not my favorite.

A couple of highlights though, the moment I saw Anthony after getting out of the recovery room I announced to him and everyone around that I missed staring at his butt.  I also managed to keep my teeth!  Which you can see here, because I was ultra proud of them and think they’re so rad.

untitled shoot4642Web

Actually just opened my mouth up to see if I was finally able to open it all the way again… Good news, I can!  Took long enough, ha!

I suppose that’s about all the excitement I have to share!  I do have lots and lots of ideas rolling around in my brain for posts to bring here that I’m excited about!

I hope all of you are having an amazing start to your summer!  See you here soon!

Thank you so much to my pal Paul Knightly for taking these photos!  And for also not being completely weirded out when I pulled my wisdom teeth out to make their photo debut.

9 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. Wowza! A great big congratulations from me! I managed to work for a little over 10 years on TPN. Full time, in a regular job. I was very lucky, as that allowed me life-long health insurance and a decent pension. I’m retired at a young age, but what people like you & I know, it’s amazing to work at all with chronic illness like ours.
    I’m so pleased you got a job with people who understand your situation. That is crucial. The fewer understanding people I had around me at work, the more impossible it became.
    I wish you all the best as you find your way into being an independent adult who follows her interests & passions, turning them into a career. You’re gonna kill it. Just remember to take good care of yourself. Your social life, as I’m sure you’ve considered, will have to take a back seat. Especially in the beginning as u learn how to pace yourself. This is crucial to learn. It’s not easy for someone as social as u are, but it’s so very important. Believe me; I’ve learned the hard way too many times.

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    1. Thank you Fran! Wow, you are so right. That’s a huge thing I am going to have to learn. I’m glad that my job will be pretty social, so hopefully I won’t start feeling lonely!
      I’m so glad you were able to work those years and get those things to cover you for life. That’s amazing!


  2. ❤ ❤ so happy for you my lady. You're going to rock it. Lots of love from ATL!

    Emma N. Hurt (202) 445-7728 @Emma_Hurt

    On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 12:16 PM, Pretty Couch Potato wrote:

    > Lauren posted: “Hi everyone! Long time no see! Things have been wild in > my world, good but wild. I hope you all are doing well! I’ve been so > excited to share lots of exciting news that’s been happening in the > Ethridge house! May was a huge month for us, I’m having a” >

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